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November 14, 2013 By Karch

If you're wondering whether your car needs an alignment, first look at your tires. Uneven tire wear, often more wear on the outside edges of some tires is a good indicator that your car is likely out of alignment. A few more indicators are:

  • Your car seems to be drifting to one side, even when you think you're driving straight

  • Your steering wheel vibrates while driving

  • You are driving straight, but your steering wheel isn't centered

If none of these indicators occurs but it's been a while since your last alignment, check your owner's manual to see how often the manufacturer recommends having this service. It is always a good idea to have the vehicle aligned whenever replacing the tires. This gives the tires the best chance to wear properly and provide a long, healthy life.


An out-of-alignment car is a common result of everyday driving. But the term alignment doesn't really refer to your car's wheels but rather to the suspension and steering. As part of normal driving, parts of your car's suspension may become worn, and springs can be stretched out. Even a small accident or bumping a curb can disrupt your suspension, knocking some of the finely calibrated components off-kilter, making your wheels sit at improper angles. An alignment restores these angles to their correct measurements, making sure that your wheels sit straight.


The most visible benefit of an alignment is less tire wear. And when tires do wear down, they'll do so evenly on a properly aligned suspension. Tires can be quite expensive — easily $100 or more per tire — whereas an alignment often costs $60 to $100, making it a cost-effective procedure that should be part of regular car maintenance.


Some repairs to the steering or suspension involve removal or replacement of components that affect the vehicle?s alignment. Accordingly, on many vehicles after the repair an alignment will be performed. Some modern vehicles also have steering sensors that in addition to the physical procedure of adjustments to the steering and suspension a steering sensor must also be carefully recalibrated. On vehicles with this feature if an alignment is performed and the sensor not recalibrated the vehicle will not steer properly.


There are many benefits of a proper alignment. A proper alignment ensures that your car drives straight, handles properly, and makes your ride safer. You'll also get better gas mileage because your tires will be properly aligned with the road, decreasing resistance.


September 23, 2013 By

Your car or truck can communicate with you.  On your dash board there are various indicator lamps, each one responsible for communicating the status of the specific system they represent.  Regardless of the generic shape and color or the highly technical name of the system they represent, these lamps are communicating critical information to the operator.  Although frequently referred to as ‘idiot lights', these indicators are warning of an impending system failure and possibly an unsafe condition.  They do not come on as a marketing ploy or a scheduled annoyance.  There is always a good reason.


Some manufacturers incorporate maintenance reminders to help the operator know when to service their vehicle.  Just as importantly, the operator needs to be alert to all other needs being related by the vehicles malfunction indicator lamps.  The ‘check engine light' communicates circuit and sensor malfunctions in the engine powertrain control and emissions systems.  Other systems such as the anti-lock brakes, air bags and traction control indicate their status with a similar but distinct indicator lamp.  With literally hundreds of symptoms or ‘fault codes' possible in these systems, it is impossible to guess what has failed without diagnosis using test equipment and manufacturer specific diagnostic procedures.


If your car is trying to tell you something, let us translate it for you.  Karch Auto Service Center maintains the latest diagnostic equipment and information systems so that we can communicate with all of your vehicle's systems regardless of manufacturer or model.  Our service advisors and technicians will help you plan a repair that makes sense and keeps your car dependable and safe.



July 16, 2013 By

We have heard for years about the need to “winterize” our cars.  We've understood, as well, the need to prepare our vehicles for vacation season or the “trip check”.  These have become standards in our business for seasonal promotions but how do they compare to our reality?


Recent studies show that the biggest increase in the activity level of the average household in the United States occurs as a result of the start of the school season.  In addition to teachers and school employees resuming their commutes we are also traveling to pick up students from after school activities, attending athletic events, traveling and transporting to college dorms and all the while expecting total dependability out of our automobiles.


My point is that you and I, (and our respective automobiles,) don't necessarily comply with the standards and norms established by the marketers within the automotive care industry.  We can all try to fit into the schedules established by the manufacturers of our automobiles, and “yes” they are the best guideline to follow to get the most from your vehicle.  But the manufacturer never considered the particular way in which you and I use our vehicles; how could they.


It is our responsibility, (yours as the vehicle owner and mine as your automotive care provider,) to assure the dependability we expect from our cars.  Seasonal promotions are a great reminder for some but seldom offer any deep saving.  At Walk's Service Center we take pride in caring for your vehicle they way you need and expect it.  Our maintenance reminder system and follow up on recommended services will keep us alert to your vehicle's needs.  Our Customer Loyalty Discount assures that our work is performed, not only effectively, but affordably.

The next time you're offered a “Winterization Special” or a “Vacation Travel Special” I would just ask you to consider the “Year-round Special” care that you receive from Walk's Service Center.


August 5, 2015 By

We will be linked to our FaceBook page and Twitter account.  Watch for it and “like us” or “follow us” to keep up with the latest we have to offer in services and resources to make your car ownership experience as care-free as possible.


At Karch Automotive Service Center we respect your unique situation with your vehicle.  Whether its your “baby” that you'll hang onto forever or the “beater” that just has to get you through another year of school, we will listen and help you make the right choice to keep it going the way you need it to.


In our efforts to make things as convenient as possible I just want to say that our old methods still work too.  If you call us during business hours we will still answer the phone and help you promptly and professionally.  If you drive in during business hours we will take the time to address your concerns and come up with a solution to suit your needs.  FaceBook or to your face; we are here to help with all of your automotive needs.


March 11, 2013 By

Believe it or not, the snow, ice and wind chill we are presently experiencing will not last much longer.  Soon enough this blustery, dark, miserable weather will give way to far more pleasant conditions.  Keep your chin up; it's just around the corner!


Helping your vehicle transition from cold conditions to warm is not as rigorous as the opposite, but here are several things to keep in mind:

  • Your cooling system will be experiencing dramatically different conditions.  Although coolant with good anti-freeze properties should also have good coolant properties, make sure to check for developing conditions that might not have been as prevalent during colder conditions.  We can test your cooling system and in most cases prevent a failure that could cause a break down.

  • Windshield wipers are easily damaged during winter use.  We can replace them quickly and inexpensively.

  • Winter tread tires wear very quickly.  Remove them promptly when the weather breaks.  In addition to mounting and balancing your tires, we can assess the condition of your winter tread tires to advise whether or not they will be serviceable for another winter.

  • Make sure your air conditioning is working properly.  We can test your vehicle's HVAC system to assure your comfort when the temperatures climb.  From repairing and recharging a leaking refrigerant system to diagnosing an elaborate climate control system; we can help you keep cool.

We want to help you be ready to get out and enjoy the pleasant weather when it finally breaks!


January 18, 2013

By now I hope we've had the chance to check your vehicles to assure safe and dependable operation throughout the winter driving season.  If not, don't worry.  It's not too late. Call us soon.


At Karch Auto Service Center it is our goal to keep you safe and confident any time you're on the road.  During the next couple of months we will experience many things that can complicate our every day driving, not to mention holiday travel.  We are driving more in the dark, snow and ice will make road surfaces dangerous and wildlife is moving about more than any other time of the year.


As always, we wish you nothing but a safe and happy driving experience.  But we would also like to give you the added confidence that Walk's Service Center offers through towing and road service to help keep you safe in the worst conditions and circumstances.  Walk's is an approved AAA road service company offering local and long distance towing, jump starts, tire change and lock out service.  Our full-service auto body and collision center is approved to make repairs for all major insurance companies.  The experienced professionals at Walk's Service Center are able to turn a bad situation into something (if notpositive,) a lot less negative and uncertain.


Once again, Karch Auto Service Center hopes for nothing but safety and confidence in all of your driving.  And we are equipped, trained and prepared to assist  you at every turn, no matter what your need.


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