What can you expect from a visit to Karch Auto?

  1. Our scheduling system is simple; you can phone us or click through our online appointment system. We also serve walk in customers and emergency situations (such as tow-ins, brake noises, check engine lights and other malfunction indicators.)
  2. We will make every reasonable effort to diagnose your condition and repair your car as promptly as is possible. We offer options such as shuttle service for drop off and pick up. We can also provide a loaner car for extensive repair.
  3. Our service advisors will listen to your concerns and ask the pertinent questions to assure that your needs are understood both mechanically and personally with regards to your time. Our technicians will drive your car or perform whatever action is necessary to duplicate and experience your concern. The same technician and your service advisor will search for technical service bulletins that address the specific condition they have experienced and make a plan to verify, diagnose and then repair the condition.
  4. Our initial estimate will be made after the condition is diagnosed and no further testing is necessary or possible. Our labor prices are based on flat rate labor times taken from the Mitchell Labor Time Guide. Our parts prices are quoted at the list price of the parts source that has the first available acceptable quality part. At your request, your service advisor can research options such as a less expensive part or a better quality part or with better warranty coverage.
  5. Work will be completed as promptly as possible relative to parts availability.
  6. Each repair is road tested by the technician. More involved repairs such as when addressing a noise concern, a drivability issue or a brake anomaly will require that both the technician and the service advisor road test separately and then confer.
  7. When your service advisor is satisfied that the repair is completed satisfactorily he will call you to let you know the vehicle is ready to pick up.
  8. Our service advisor will review the repair and the charges with you and provide you with an itemized invoice after payment. If a follow up visit is necessary it can be arranged at that time. Your vehicle will be parked near the front of the building, ready to go.


Hours & Location

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  • Amenities:
  • After Hours Vehicle Drop Off
  • Free Shuttle Service
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  • AAA
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  • Be Car Care Aware
  • Napa AutoCare Center
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